Sulfamate Nickel Plating Services

Sulfamate Nickel

Sulfamate nickel plating solutions can produce nickel deposits that have low internal stress. This means a heavy deposit (greater than 0.0001"/25 microns) are far less likely to crack, warp, or blister. Sulfamate nickel also is denser and more ductile than Watt's nickel, yielding a higher level of corrosion resistance. Sulfamate nickel deposits are high in purity and offer good heat resistance. Sulfamate nickel aslo has a lower level of impact on the fatigue resistance of parts vs. Watt's nickel.

Plating Specifications
  • MIL-P-27418

  • QQ-N-290

  • ASTM B 689

  • AMS 2403

  • ISO 1458

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