Rhodium Plating Services

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating can be considered wherever extremely corrosive conditions are encountered as it is resistant to all acids, alkalis and most corrosive chemicals. Rhodium will not tarnish/produce oxides even at elevated temperatures. It is also very hard, wear resistant plated deposit comparing favorably with hard chromium.

Rhodium plating offers a combination of low contact electrical resistance and good electrical conductivity. Rhodium plated contaccts for RF and audio use are oxide free under all condintions producing no spurious signals and no partial rectification.

Rhodium plating can product extremely low wear, low and stable contact resistance for low voltage electronic components.

Rhodium to rhodium contact yield very low RMS noise voltage, negligible wear, and only a slight burnishing action. Rhodium plated electrical contacts give posistive action after long inactive periods. Rhodium remains unaffected by all athomspheres, maintaining a low and stable contact resistance.

Plating Specifications
  • MIL-STD-46085

  • ASTM B 634

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