Silver Plating Services

Silver Plate - Bright and Matte

Pure silver is the most electrically conductive metal known to man. Silver plating may be mirror-bright or matte. Bright and matte silver offer excellent solderability and ductility

Bright Silver

Bright silver is plated to obtain an excellent combination of visible light reflection, heat conductivity and electrical conductivity. Bright silver can be as hard as 200 on the Knoop scale, offering good wear resistance

Matte Silver

Matte silver is the purest, most ductile, most solderable and most electrically conductive silver deposit. Matte silver is very soft, registering about 80 on the Knoop hardness scale.

Plating Specifications
  • QQ-S-365

  • ASTM B 700

  • AMS 2410

  • AMS 2412

  • Rockwell 580-0605

  • MIL-F-14072

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