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Unitech Industries
Metal Plating Services

UNITECH INDUSTRIES is a family owned specialty plating company providing services since 1988 to Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Aerospace, Printing, Molds & Die, Marine and OD Industries, Pluming, Sporting Goods and a number of other industries.

Plating is a critical step as a final finish. We are sensitive to our customer's needs. They have already spent time, material and labor in fabricating parts to their customer's specifications. Most of the time plating process is one of the last of the few processes before final assembly and delivery. At UNITECH INDUSTRIES our goal always has been zero defect plating. We are well known for plating parts meeting the most stringent plating specifications at a short notice. This can only be achieved by our dedicated and highly trained employees, keeping plating solutions working at the optimum and having the right equipment.

UNITECH INDUSTRIES also provides plating and related services to the Printed Circuit Board Industry.

UNITECH INDUSTRIES is well known for providing excellent plating services and delivering parts as promised. Our capacity and capability allows us to plate complicated parts and drop ship to our customers at a short notice. Because of our extensive experience in plating, we are often involved with our customers in planning for plating at an early stage of manufacturing. We can be a great help to our customers by providing up to date information on the latest plating technology. At Unitech we consider ourselves your plating consultants; your experts. And as your experts, we feel responsible for making sure that our product will be finished, plated strictly to your specifications and shipped on time when you need it. We also make sure that we share with you the technical plating knowledge we have gained through years of experience. We want you to feel safe and secure when you send us your parts for plating because they will be handled with the ultimate professionalism and shipped back as promised.

With Unitech Industries, you will get the best finish per your specifications

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